Please dont' ever think of moving your store. We would be lost without it. Our friends and family all shop there and we are there every Sunday. Prices are great, the deli and meat market are very good. And the staff at the registers are always really nice to us!


Hi i just wanted to say that sunday was my first time shopping at Eurofresh Market in palatine and i thought it was the perfect store for me! It had everything i was looking for. The cashiers where wounderful made me feel like i was at home! VERY NICE JOB WITH YOUR STORE!


I love your Palatine store, especially the meat department. Your meats and seafood win me complements at every meal! Your homemade chicken, turkey and Italian beef with gravy are the BEST!!! Thank you Eurofresh for keeping selection and quality high and prices low!!!


I was introduced to Eurofresh while visiting family out there... I had no idea until reading the "...Story" that it exists only in IL! That is SO disappointing! You probably hear this a lot, but we NEED a Eurofresh in NYC! At the very least, the nearest suburbs outside of the city, so we city folk have a shot of getting there ;). Until that happens, I guess I'll have to stock up next time I visit!


Your store rocks. from the freshest, hard to find and always low priced produce to the awesomely stocked aisles your store is a dream come true for anyone who likes to try new cuisines and cultures, Or is just a serious "foodie". The deli and meat dept are loaded with hard to find cuts, and the spice selection is out of this world with variety and price. Thank you Eurofresh for being my one stop shop

David from Crestwood, IL

The store staff is awesome... Keep up the "Best Customer Service in Town"


I was recently visiting the Chicago area from Houston & my step-mom brought me to your wonderful store. I wish I could order spices online. The store was wonderful, clean, awesome products & your staff was A plus!!! Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience. I brought home a suitcase full of spices!!

Janel from Conroe, Tx

Best deli department in far.